Patti is knowledgeable, sensitive, cheerful, warm and engaging. What I love the most about Patti is that she is one of the most committed people I know to the path of discovering ways to bridge the gaps of communication about the mysteries of the mind-body wellness and how we can master our own well-being. She lives and breathes this commitment. In a world of people who sustain themselves through serving others, Patti is an illuminating gem.
D.A. - Branford, CT

I have been seeing Patti for 10 years now. It is a one hour drive from my house to her pristine facility and it's worth it every time! After a session I feel cleansed, healthy, and full of energy. She's also a delight to spend time with.
Lucy J. - Westport, CT

Caring and compassionate are two words which describes Ms. Hartman's work as a Colon Hydrotherapist. I have been a client for the past 6 years and her work with me has been life changing. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and brings all of this to her clients with the utmost respect and professionalism.
R. Griffin RNMS - Madison, CT

I had been hesitant to have a colon hydrotherapy in the past and then I met Patti in the health food store one day. After talking with her I knew I would be in good hands. She has a way about her that makes you feel safe and at ease. I was so surprised how comfortable the session was. She has helped me tremendously with a life long problem. I am so grateful to her.
Shelly M.- Middletown, CT

At the recommendation of my gastrointerologist, I went to Patti to get cleaned out before my colonoscopy since I could not tolerate the prep the doctor prescribed for me in the past. It was a success!! I am not sure why more doctors don't recommend colon therapy to prep for these procedures.
Morris S.- New Haven, CT